Destiny Rescue

A Voice for the Voiceless

Every 26 seconds, a child is sold into slavery. Most of these children are coerced or pushed into the sex industry and forced to engage in sexual acts with adults several times a day. Destiny Rescue goes undercover into brothels and red-light districts around the world to find and rescue these children.

“To find enslaved children, we enter a brothel and ask for a young girl just like a normal customer would,” says David Grant, program manager for Destiny Rescue, USA, Inc. “But instead we talk to them, get to know them, and treat them with the dignity and respect they deserve. We do this several times with the same children until we have gained their trust, and then we offer them a way out.”

From Rescue to Restoration

Destiny Rescue’s work doesn’t end once a child is rescued. Through their aftercare programs, rescued children are offered medical care and counseling. The program aims to reunite children with their families, but often that option is not safe, as it may lead the children back into slavery. Most are brought to a rescue home where they can live, eat nutritious meals, get a valuable education, and play with other children. When they reach a certain age, they can learn a skilled trade like sewing, jewelry making, hairstyling, waitressing, or cooking, and begin to earn money to support themselves.

“In many cases, children end up in the sex trade because their parents send them out to find work so they can provide for their families. With no formal education or training, many end up in the bars working as a sex slaves," says David.

David and his wife sponsored a girl from Thailand who was in Destiny Rescue’s care. Once rescued, this young woman was able to mature and grow in a safe environment. She started working, thanks to the training she received in the aftercare program. Her manager was so impressed with her reliability and spiritual leadership that she is now working for Destiny Rescue.

Targeting the Problem

Destiny Rescue offers prevention programs to at-risk children and families. They identify areas in the world that have extreme poverty and where children are being forced into the sex-trade. Then they offer financial assistance to families that need help enrolling their child (or children) in school.

Destiny Rescue also teaches children and families how to become self-supportive over time through their many self-sustaining projects, including pig breeding, agricultural farming, and fish breeding. These programs help families earn a stable income and offer them much better options than selling illegal drugs or sex trafficking. The organization holds Trafficking-Awareness Concerts in remote villages where extreme poverty is prevalent to raise awareness about sex trafficking and teach villagers how to prevent their children from entering the sex trade.

A Bright Future

Ultimately, Destiny Rescue’s founders would like to see all sexual slavery end in their lifetime. They set out to rescue 100 children in 2011. That accomplished, volunteers freed another 600 children in the next two years. In 2014, Destiny Rescue celebrated its 1,000th rescued child and continued expanding the aftercare services it provides.

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