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Ministry Stories

Emmanuel Community Church

Sharing Christ’s Love, After the Storm

Hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, and other natural disasters can turn lives upside down at a moment’s notice. Chris Kuntz and the Emmanuel Community Emergency Response Team (eCERT) make sure they’re ready to respond when a disaster occurs.

“Emmanuel Community’s mission is to study the Word of God and apply his teaching in our daily lives. We refer to it as ‘His Word, Our Walk,’” says Kuntz, director of men’s ministries at Emmanuel Community Church and leader more info

Grace Point Church, South Campus

Answering the Call to a Neighborhood Ripe for Ministry

The southeast Fort Wayne neighborhood to which the Rev. Javier Mondragon moved his family in late 2007 was ripe for ministry. The recession was in full swing; unemployment stood at 10 percent; many residents lived below poverty level; and the area saw more than its fair share of crime.

As he began talking to neighbors, Mondragon realized that the south campus Grace Point Church of the Nazarene planned to open would exclude many more info

Destiny Rescue

A Voice for the Voiceless

Every 26 seconds, a child is sold into slavery. Most of these children are coerced or pushed into the sex industry and forced to engage in sexual acts with adults several times a day. Destiny Rescue goes undercover into brothels and red-light districts around the world to find and rescue these children.

“To find enslaved children, we enter a brothel and ask for a young girl just like a normal customer would,” says David Grant, program more info

Aldersgate United Methodist Church

Serving Our Neighbors, One Meal at a Time

More than 48 million Americans struggle to put enough food on the table.* No matter where you live, you’re likely not far from someone living below the poverty level. At age 17, Jared Thompson realized that he and his church could do more for people in their neighborhood. With the help of a few experienced volunteers, Jared organized the Me-‘N-U Community Meal at Aldersgate United Methodist Church to serve a free meal once more info

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