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Mountain View Community Church

Abba’s Hands & Heart: Sharing God’s Love Through Orphan Care

For Heath and Erin Runkles, getting involved in orphan care was like wading into water—one deliberate step at a time. First they waded in personally by adding to their family. The Runkles have two biological sons (eleven and nine), and then they decided to adopt two daughters (seven and five) from China. After their second daughter joined the family, they realized they wanted to be more active in orphan care. But more info

Fellowship Missionary Church

Building People of Peace in War-Torn Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a war-torn part of the world. Since 1998, violence has killed more than 6 million people and displaced many families from their homes and villages.* More than 200 African ethnic groups occupy the land, which has a long history of conflict. Military groups and opportunists from nine neighboring countries regularly battle for control of the Congo’s rich diamond and mineral reserves, while most of the 70 more info

Grace Point Church, South Campus

Answering the Call to a Neighborhood Ripe for Ministry

The southeast Fort Wayne neighborhood to which the Rev. Javier Mondragon moved his family in late 2007 was ripe for ministry. The recession was in full swing; unemployment stood at 10 percent; many residents lived below poverty level; and the area saw more than its fair share of crime.

As he began talking to neighbors, Mondragon realized that the south campus Grace Point Church of the Nazarene planned to open would exclude many more info

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